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Vishnusahasranama PujaFor long and happy married life. For peace and happiness and to get rid of evil forces. Lord Vishnu represents the aspect of the Supreme Reality is the Lord of protection & maintenance. His consort Lakshmi is the possessor of wealth, which is a necessity for maintenance. Goddess Lakshmi represents not only material wealth, but the wealth of grains, courage, valour, offsprings, success, luxurious life, eternal bliss.

Vishnu symbolizes the all-pervading protective aspect of the Supreme God, Brahman. However, according to Hindu mythology, Vishnu is reincarnated on earth from time to time, to destroy the evil in the world.The four arms indicate Lord's omnipresence and omnipotence. The right side of the body represents the creative activities of the mind and the intellect. The left side symbolizes the activities of the heart; that is, love, kindness, and compassion.

The following ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu are described in Hindu mythology and are popular among Hindus. These incarnations reveal the help rendered by God during various stages of human evolution.

Matsya (fish)---saves Sage Manu from floods and recovers the Vedas from demons.
Kurma (tortoise)---sustains the earth on his back.
Varaha (boar)---brings the earth back from the bottom of the ocean where it was dragged down by a demon, known as Hiranyaksha; Varaha kills the demon.
Narasimha (man-lion)---kills the demon King Hiranyakashipu, who was planning to kill his own son, a devotee of Lord Vishnu.
Vamana (dwarf)---the first human incarnation of the Lord, kills the demon King Mahabhali, who had deprived the gods of their possessions.
Parasurama (the warrior with an axe)---saves Brahmins from the tyranny of the arrogant Kshatriyas.
Rama---kills Ravana, the demon king of Lanka.
Sri Krishna---the most popular incarnation; Krishna's contributions throughout his life include the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna.
Buddha---Hindus consider Buddha as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and accept his teachings, but do not directly worship him.
Kalkin (a man on a white horse)---this incarnation is yet to come and will mark the end of all evil in the world.

Lord Vishnu is also called Nilameghashyamalan - possessing a complexion the colour of the dark clouds. As proof that opposites attract, Vishnu's outer appearnce is dark while he is associated with the santha gunam, bringing light & peace to the world. He rests on the ocean on his bed of Adisesha (serpent with 1,000 heads ). Any time Lord Vishnu sees great trouble, He takes an avataram to rescue the people from evils. He is all merciful, ever rushing to serve his devotees. In the form of Mahavishnu he has four arms wielding the chakra, conch, lotus & the gadha in his four arms.


Devotional   prayer   in   the   Hindu   tradition   takes   two  forms.   A   silent   repetition   of   a   divine   name   or   of   a   verse   in  praise   of   a   diety   is   referred   to   as   Japa.   An   audible   chant   of  such   names   or   verses   is   called   the   Stotra.   Of   the   latter   the  Sahasranama   form,   especially   the   Vishnu   Sahasranama,   devoted  to   the   Lord   Vishnu   and   the   Lalita   Sahasranama,   devoted   to   the Goddess   Shakti,   have   a   special   place   in   the   everyday   devotional  routine   of   the   people.
                      The   Vishnu   Sahasranama,   or   the   1000   names   of   the   Lord       Vishnu   appears   in   the   Shanti   Parva   of   the   Mahabharata   and   are articulated   by   Bhishma,   in   response   to   Yudhishtira's   question   as  to   who   was   the   Supreme   Being   whose   praise   and   worship   was   sure   to   bring   salvation. The unique feature of this event is that Bhishma gave his answer in the presence of Krishna Himself.
                      The very first name  with which the Vishnu   Sahasranama  starts,   is   `Viswam'   commonly   understood   as   `this   world'   or  `this   existence'.   And   when   one   notes   that   this   word   derives   from   the   root   `Vis',   which   means   to   enter,   to   be   present   in,   to   support,  or   to   pervade,   one   starts   seeing   the   deeper   reference   to   the Divine   Omnipresence   that   pervades   all   existence.   Multiply   this   example     of   this   first   name   a   thousand   fold,   and   one   sees   the   magnificient  sweep   and   depth   of   the   Sahasranama.   In   conclusion,   it   stresses  one   great   fundamental   truth   :   that   a   thousand   names   or   forms,   all  point   to   but   one   ultimate   God. 


From:  "reet"  Date:  Sat Sep 13, 2003  10:30 pm
Subject:  The 1000 Names of Vishnu.

Om Sai Ram

The Vishnu-Sahasra-Nama (The Thousand Names of Lord Vishnu). The Mahabharata, Anusasana parvan, Chapter 254: imparted to King Yudhishthira is part of the instructions given by Bhishma on his deathbed.

Having listened to all the dharmas, sanctifying in every way, Yudhishthira again addressed Bhishma: "Which is the sole divinity in the world? What is the one supreme path? By praising and worshipping Whom will men attain weal? What dharma, according to you, is supreme among all dharmas? And by reciting which, will a being born here be released from the fetters of birth and rebirth?

Bhishma replied: "If man, with constant endeavour praise the Lord of the universe, the unlimited Supreme Being, with his Thousand Names, if he worships daily and with devotion the same imperishable Being, meditating on Him, praising Him, bowing to Him, and making offerings to Him, if he sings daily the praise of that Great Lord of the whole universe, Vishnu, who has neither beginning nor end and presides over the world, he overcomes all unhappiness. ... If man should constantly adore in devotion the lotus-eyed Lord with hymns, that according to me, is supreme over all the dharmas. ... The God of gods, He who is the eternal Father of all living beings, from whom all beings proceed on the advent of the primary aeon and into whom they disappear again when the aeon comes to an end, of that Lord of the whole world, the Chief of all beings, hear from me O King, these Thousand Names which drive away sin and fear! The celebrated names of the great Lord which are based on His qualities, and which the sages have sung, I shall proclaim for the weal (of the world):

"He who is of the form of the Universe and is All-pervasive, who is of the form of Sacrifice, who is the Lord of the past, future and present, the Creator of all living beings, their Sustainer and their existence, their Indweller and Well-wisher; the Pure and Supreme Being, the highest goal of the liberated, the imperishable Spirit that is the Onlooker and the eternal Knower of the body; who is the Path and the Leader among those that know the path, Himself Matter, Spirit and God, the Supreme Being who took the form of the Man-lion, who has rays of light as hair, and posseses the Goddess of Fortune; the All, the Destroyer, the Beneficient, the Steadfast, the Prime Source of beings, the Inexhaustible Repository; one who comes into being as He pleases, the Benefactor, the Protector, One whose birth is unique, the Capable, the Master; the Self-born, the Giver of happiness, the Solar deity, the Lotus-eyed, the Speaker of the sublime sound named Veda, One without birth or death, the Primary Creator and the Subsidiary Creator (Brahma) and One beyond even the Primary Creator; the Inscrutable, the Lord of the senses, He who has the Lotus (with Brahma) in his navel, the God of the gods, the Divine Architect, the Thinker or the Sage-Lawgiver Manu, the heavenly Architect Tvashtar, the Huge, the Aged, the Firm; the Incomprehensible, the Permanent, the Attractive Krishna, the bright-eyed, the Destroyer, the Ample; existing above, below and in the middle; the Supreme Sanctifier and Auspiciousness; the Controller, the Life-giver, the Life-breath, the Eldest, the Best, the Lord of beings, the primordial Creator, He who has the whole Earth within Himself, the Scion of the Madhu race and Killer of the demon Madhu; the Powerful Lord, wielder of the bow; the Intelligent; Power and Order; the Unexcelled,the Unassailable, the Grateful, the Act, the Self-possessed; the God of gods, the Refuge, Happiness, the Author of the universe, the Source of all Beings, the Day, the Year, the Great Serpent (of the form of Time) Understanding. All-seeing; the Unborn, the Lord of all, Endowed with miraculous powers, Himself those miraculous powers, the First of all, the Stable, He who took the form of the Boar of Dharma, the Immeasurable, One who has transcended all associations; Wealth, Endowed with an excellent heart, Truth, Serene, Equal, the Unfailing, the Lotus-eyed, the Righteously Active, the Embodiment of Righteousness; the Terrible, the Multi-headed, the Tawny One, the Origin of the universe, of Unstained Fame, Immortal, Eternal, Steadfast of Excellent limbs and severe penance; Omnipotent, Omniscient, the Shining One whose hosts are everywhere, the chastiser of the erring folk, the Veda, the Expounder of the Veda, the Full, the Ancillary Lore of the Veda, the Inquirer into the Veda and One of far-reaching vision; One who presides over the world, the gods and law; the created Effect as well as the uncreated Cause, Who takes four forms for creation, maintenance and dissolution, Who has four tusks (as the man-lion) and four arms; the Brilliant, the Food as well as the Eater, the Forbearing, First-born of the world, the Sinless, the Victory and the Victorious, the Source of the universe and One who repeatedly comes to dwell within beings; Indra's brother and yet above him, the Dwarf as well as the Colossus, the Successful, the Pure, the Strong, the Epitome of (all) Creation, Self-possessed, Regulation and Restraint; the Object of Knowledge, the Learned, ever a Yogin, the Slayer of heroic fighters, the Lord of spiritual learning, the Sweet, One who transcends the senses and is endowed with mysterious power, of high endeavour and mighty strength; endowed with supreme Intellect, Potency, Power and Lustre; of Indescribable Form, the Beautiful, the Vast, the Supporter of the great mountain; the Great Archer, the Lord of Earth, the Abode of Fortune, the Refuge of the good, the Irrepressible, the Delight of the good, the Saviour of the earth, the Chief of those that understand Speech; the Ray of Light (or sage Marichi), the Controller, the Swan of the Spirit, the fleet divine Bird (Garuda), the Chief Serpent (Sesha), of golden navel, of excellent austerities, the Lotus on His navel and Brahma (thereon); Immortal, Spectator of everything, the Fierce, the Link, Linked (with all), the Enduring, the Unborn, the Unbearable, the Ruler, the Celebrated, the Slayer of the enemies of the gods; the Teacher, the Most Weighty One, Light, Truth, One who displays His valour on behalf of Truth, the Moment, the Vigilant, the Garlanded, the Lord of Speech and One of Sublime Intellect; the Foremost, the Chief, the Rich, the Right Path, the Leader, the Inspirer; the Thousand-headed, Thousand-eyed, Thousand-footed, Emobodiment of the universe; He who rotates the whole world, yet keeping Himself aloof from it; the Hidden one, Overriding all, the Day, the Deluge, Fire, Wind and Mountain; the Supremely Gracious, the Tranquil, the Prop as well as the Consumer of the Universe, the All-pervading; the Bestower of honour, the Honoured and the Good; Who draws and hides within Himself the whole Universe, the God who is the Goal of man and the Man himself; the Innumerable, the Unknowable, the Unique, the Patron of disciplined souls, the Spotless, One whose objects and wishes are fulfilled, One who gives success and is also the means of success; One for whom Righteousness constitutes the day, Who showers the desired objects, of giant stride, One who is to be reached by the steps of dharma and who is within dharma; the Promoter of growth and the Growing, Who is far apart, Who is the ocean of revealed wisdom; of beautiful arms (that protect), whose thought is too difficult to be retained, the Eloquent, the Great Indra, the Bestower of Riches; of manifold and huge form, the Sacrifice and the Revealer; Bearer of Force, Power and Effulgence, Embodiment of Light, the Scorcher, Rich (in everything), the Manifester of syllables and the Sacred Syllables themselves, Moonlike as well as Sunlike in splendour; the Source of ambroisal rays,the Medicine, the Protective Embankment of the world, One whose valour is exercised for Truth and Righteousness; the Lord of the past, present and future, the Wind, the Purifier, the Fire, the Destroyer of lust, the Promoter of noble love, the Lovable, the Lover that gratifies with love; the Promulgator of aeons, the Conductor of aeonic cycles, of manifold mystic powers, the All-devouring, the Unseen, of Unmanifest form, Victor over thousands and the Endlessly victorious; the Desirable, the Remarkable, Dear to those that comform to His commandments, Krishna who wears the peacock-feather on His crest (or the Sikhandin who has come as my Death), the Encircler, Dharma, the Destroyer of anger, at the same time its Employer, and the Doer, with a thousand arms, and Bearer of the earth; the Unflinching, the Famous, the Life and Life-giver, Indra's brother, the Ocean, the Substratum, the Vigilant one who is firmly established; the Destroyer (of enemies), the Supporter of such destroyers and Himself the Bearer of the brunt; the Bestower of boons; the Mover of Wind; the Lord in whom all dwell and who dwells in all; the Bigger Sun, the Prime God, and the Destroyer of enemy cities; the Sorrowless, He who helps to cross over, the Crossing over (or the Mystic syllable OM), the Valorous, the Scion of the Surasenas (Krishna), the King, the Favourable, Who returns to us innumerable times, the God with the lotus and the lotus-eyes; Who is seated at the center of the lotus, the Lotus-eyed Lord who is within the lotus of one's heart, who takes corporeal forms, the greatly Affluent, the Full, the Old, the Large-eyed, the God with the kite-banner; the Incomparable, the Fierce Being that excels even the lion; the Knower of the esoteric practices (or Knower of propriety), the Offering, the Lord who strips one and tests him, Marked with all features of beauty, Bearing the Goddess of Beauty, the Victor in battles; the Imperishable. He who took the Fish-incarnation, the Path, the Cause, One in whom all Names are included, Endowed with endurance, Bearer of earth, of great fortune, the Swift, the limitless Consumer; the Origin, One that stirs up the Creative Activity, the Sportive, Bearer of Prosperity, the Lord Supreme, the Instrument and the Cause, the Doer and the Undoer, the Dense and the Secret; Determination, the Regulator, the End, the Bestower of rank, the Stable, Supreme Prosperity, the Absolutely obvious, the Contented, the Well-nourished, having auspicious looks; the Delighter, the Final end (of all), Free from passion, the Path and the Goal, the Right Policy, and at the same time Himself the Sovereign, not subject to any; the Hero, Best of all the powerful, Dharma, and Foremost of the knowers of dharma; the Unimpeded Heavenly State, the Supreme Spirit. Life and Life-giver, the Mystic Om, the Vast, the Creator (Brahma), Slayer of enemies, the All-pervading, the Wind; He who is realised when the senses are subdued; the Season; Beautiful to look at, Time; the transcendent Lord who yet receives all supplicants, the Severe, He who makes everything abide in Himself, the Capable, Who affords repose to the afflicted, and One who is considerate to the whole world; the Expansive, He who stands stationary, the Measure, the Seed that is not spent, the Purpose (of all endeavour) but Himself devoid of any purpose of His own, the Great Treasury, the Great Enjoyer, the highly wealthy; the Undepressed, the most Expansive, Existence, the Sacrificial Post at which all meritorious acts are offered, the Great Sacrifice, the Hub of the wheel of constellations, the Moon, the Adept, Stript of all encrustations, of noble aspirations; the Sacrifices of different forms and Himself the minor gods and the Chief God propitiated by sacrifices; the Refuge of the good; One who notes everything, the Liberated Soul, the Omniscient and the Supreme Wisdom; He who takes excellent vows, of beautiful face, the Subtle, the Fine-voiced, the Giver of happiness, the Friend, the Captivating, One who has conquered anger, of heroic arms and One who tears to pieces (the unrighteous); He who makes the unenlightened slumber in His mystic Delusion, Master of Himself, the Ubiquitous, of manifold forms and acts, the Year, the Affectionate, Surrounded by His children, the source of all precious things, the Lord of riches; the Safeguarder of dharma, the Maker of dharma, Himself endowed with Dharma, Himself Good and Bad, the Perishable and the Imperishable, who becomes the unknowing embodied individual Soul; the Thousand-rayed, the Performer of functions, and the Author who has laid down the definititions; Centre of an orb of rays, the Spirit that presides over the mind, Lion-like in strength, the great Lord of beings, the First God, the Great God, the God of gods, the Bearer of gods, and the Teacher; the Superior, the Shepherd, the Protector, Realisable by knowledge, the Ancient, the Bearer of the bodies of the beings, the Enjoyer of (everything), the great Boar-incarnation, the profusely Liberal; the Drinker of Soma offering and of nectar, the Soma offering, Victor over many, foremost among the the eminent, Modesty, Victory, the Truthful, Scion of Dasarha race and the Lord of the Sattvata people (or worshippers); the Individual soul, the Observer of individuals; humility, Bestower of Release, the immeasurably Powerful, the Reservoir of different orders of beings, the Spirit without any limitation, He who lies on the great Ocean after engulfing the world with it, the Terminator of the world; the Unborn, Fit to be worshipped, Existing in His own innate nature, One who has vanquished his enemies, the Rejoicer, Bliss, the pleasing and Gratifying, Of true virtue, He who measured the universe in three strides; the Great Sage and Teacher (of Samkhya) Kapila, the Knower of the created, the King, He who covered the universe in three steps, the Lord of the gods, He who incarnated as the Fish with the huge snout, the Death of the god of Death; the Great Boar-incarnation, Known through the Upanishads, Possessed of an excellent army, Having golden armlets, Dwelling in the heart, the Deep, the Impenetrable, the Hidden, Bearing the discus and the mace; Brahma the Creator, Himself His accessory, the Unconquered, Sage Vyasa, the Strong, One who unfailingly drags beings away at the time of destruction, Varuna the Lord of Waters, Safe Vasishtha, Standing like a tree, Seen in the lotus of one's heart, Himself of great mind; Possessed of Lordship, Dharma, Renown, Beauty, Dispassion, and Freedom or He who knows the origin and end, the movement and rest of beings, Knowledge and Nescience, He who deprives one also of these excellences; the Joyous, the Wearer of a garland of sylvan flowers, Armed with the plough, the God, the Resplendent Sun-god, the Patient, the Supreme Path to salvation; Possessing an excellent bow, Siva armed with the axe, the Awful, the Giver of wealth, Heaven-stretching, the codifier of all systems of knowledge, the Self-born Lord of Speech; Lauded by three (special) Saman hymns, Himself the Saman chant and its Singer, the Beatific end, the Remedy and the Doctor, the Promulgator of the Path of Renunciation, Quietude and the Quiet, the Final Rest, Peace, the Highest Refuge; of Beautiful form, Bestower of peace, the Creator, He who revels in his creation, Who reposes in the lily of the heart, Benefactor of the world, Lord of the world, He who shrouds Himself in His Mystic Power, Having eyes that rain one's desired objects, Lover of dharma; He who does not retreat, Whose mind is turned inwards on the Self, Who gathers up all things at the dissolution, Who brings on welfare, the Beneficent, Bearing the auspicious mark of Srivatsa on His chest, the abode of the Goddess of the gods that are endowed with power; Giver, Master, Abode, Repository, Producer, Bearer, Author and Maintainer of Prosperity; the Supreme and the Prop of the three worlds; of beautiful eyes and limbs, of joys, the Rejoicer, the Lord of the luminaries, of controlled and disciplined Self, of unsullied fame, the Dispeller of doubts; the Excelling, Possessed of eyes all round, He who has no master, Frequently changing and yet stationary, Reposing in earth (Immanent in His creation), the Ornament, Affluence, without Sorrow and the Destroyer of sorrow; having rays of light, Worshipped by all, the Vessel within which everything is, the Pure Soul, the Purifier, the Unobstructed and Unopposed Hero, of superior energy, of unlimited valour; the Killer of the demon Kalanemi, the Heroic, the Scion and chief of the Sura tribe, of the form of the three worlds, Lord of the three worlds, Endowed with power, Slayer of the demon Kesin, the Lord who removes bondage; the Lord of love, the Guardian of love, the Loving, the Lovable, the Promulgator of the spiritual tradition, Of undefinable form, the All-pervading Lord, the Unlimited, the Acquirer of riches; Favourable to the Brahmanas, the Promulgator of penance and knowledge, the Creator, the Supreme Soul, the Promoter of Brahman-knowledge, Knower of Brahman, of the form of the Brahmana, Possessor of the knowledge of Brahman, Knower of the source of knowledge (Veda) and the Beloved of the Brahmanas; of giant strides and acts, the Superior Light, the Great Serpent, the Great Sacrifice, Sacrificer and Oblation; He who is to be praised, Who loves praises, the Praises, Himself the Praiser, Who loves to fight, the Full, the Filler, the Holy, of virtuous fame; Free from all disease; Fleet as the mind, the Maker of holy places, the Wealth-bearing, the Bestower of the higher wealth of Deliverance, the Son of Vasudeva, the Precious thing, Possessed of precious heart, the Offering; the Meritorious Path, Honour, Existence, Right Being, the Refuge of the good, having heroic hosts, the Chief of the Yadava clan, the Abode of the good, He who had beautiful associations on the Yamuna; the dwelling-place of beings, Lord Vasudeva, the Repository of the Breath of all living beings, One for whom there is no sufficiency in anything; Humbler of haughtiness, Bestower of rightful pride, Himself elated in His own bliss, One whom it is difficult to hold within one's heart, the Invincible; Who is of all forms of huge form, of resplendent form, Devoid of form and at the ssame time taking manifold forms, the Latent, of a hundred forms and a hundred faces; the One, the Many, the Sacrifice, the Highest import of the words "Who," "What," and "That which"; Father of the world, Besought by the world, Scion of the Mahdu race, Affectionate to His devotees; of golden hue and limbs, of excellent limbs, of pleasing ornaments on the arm, the Slayer of warriors, the Difficult, Void of all attributes, One who has quenched desires, the Immobile and the Mobile; without pride or false assumptions, Bestower of honour, the Honoured, the Owner of the world, the Bearer of the three worlds, of sublime Intellect, Manifested in the sacrifice, He whose objects are fulfilled, the truly Intelligent, the Support of the earth; the Fountainhead of light, Possessing splendour, Eminent among those bearing arms, the Reins of control, Control, the (always) Preoccupied, of many high reaches (i.e., many exalted aspects), the Elder brother of Gada; of four forms, four arms, four manifestations; the Resort of all the four castes of mankind, the Accomplished, Being in the four states of waking, dreaming, deep sleep and the fourth beyond them, the Knower of the four Vedas, of Whom all that exists is but a fraction; Who returns to the world again and again and thus retires not, the Unconquerable, He who cannot be transgressed, Hard to be attained and known, realised and held in mind with difficulty, the Slayer of the evil-minded foes; of auspicious form, He who takes the essence of things in the world, Who extends Himself gloriously and Himself snaps that extension, doing sovereign and great duty, Who has regulated the acts appropriate to each, the Author of scriptures; of special birth, the Beautiful, of melting heart, the precious Hub which holds together everything, of auspicious thought, the Adored, the Giver of food, the Snouted-Fish-incarnation, He who vanquishes even the most learned; Golden-bodied, the Unperturbed, Lord of all the lords of speech, the Deep Lake, the Deep Pit, the Great Being, the Great Treasure; He who gladdens the earth and tears it up as well, (pure and fragrant) like a jasmine, Cloud of coolness and plenty, the Sanctifier, the Breath, Who drinks nectar, Whose body is immortal, All-knowing and All-facing; Easy, of noble Vow, the Realised Soul, the Victor over foes, the Tormenter of foes, the Huge Banyan, the Udumbara tree (like unto whose fruit that contains a host of flies inside, Who holds within Himself the whole living world), the Sacred Pipal, the Slayer of the demons Chanura and Agha; the Thousand-rayed, the Seven-tongued Fire, the State of Sublimity which is fed by the seven fuels, namely, fortitude, forgiveness, mercy, purity, prosperity, soft speech and non-enmity towards beings; Borne on the sacred Vedic hymns in seven metres, Devoid of form, Impeccable, Unimaginable, the Inspirer of fear as well as its destroyer; the Great One who is the Infinitesimal and the Infinite, the lean and the Stout, the Qualified and the Unqualified, the Unsupported and Self-supported; of a beautiful mouth (wherefrom the Vedas issued); Forefather of all families and the multiplier of all families; Bearer of burdens, Proclaimed (in the Vedas), who is always engaged in Yoga and is the Lord of those that practise it, the Bestower of all desires, the four Stages of life and he who toils therein and is emancipated thereby, the Tree with the rich foliage of all the worlds, Who is borne fleet on the Wind; the Bearer of the bow and the science of archery; the Punishment, the Punisher and the Subjugation; the Unvanquished, the All-enduring, the Controller, the Controlling rule and the Control; Possessed of the luminous quality, the Good, the True, Intent on the True and Righteous, the Object of all seeking, Deserving of all pleasing things, Deserving adoration, the Doer of the pleasant and the Promoter of endearment; Moving in the skies, the Light, Shining beautifully, the Enjoyer of oblations the Omnipresent, the Sun that absorbs water, shines in varied hues, urges and produces; and the God who has the Sun as His eye; the Endless, the Enjoyer of oblations, the Enjoyer (of all things), Giver of happiness, Born of many (in his incarnations for the protection of righteousness), Elder to all, He who is never despondent, Ever forbearing, the Foundation of the world, the Wonderful; the Old and Existing from ancient times, the Tawny, the Sun, He into whom creation dissolves at the deluge; Bestower of welfare, Maker of welfare, Welfare, Enjoyer of welfare and Capable Promoter of welfare; Devoid of severity, Adorned with earrings, Bearing the discus, Overpowering, of forceful ordinances, Transcending verbal knowledge and source, (yet) permitting verbal account; the Cool, the Bringer of the Night of Soul; not Cruel, the Delicate, the Capable, the Considerate, the Most Forbearing, the Most Learned, the Fearless, He whose praises it is holy to listen to or sing; He who helps men to cross over trasmigratory existence, the Destroyer of evil acts, of the form of Merit, the Destroyer of evil dreams, the Annihilator of warriors, the Protector, of the form of all the good souls, the Life of all beings, Established all round; of endless forms, of endless fortune, One who has conquered anger, the Dispeller of fear, the Perfect, the Profound, the Director, the Commander, the Various Quarters (i.e., of the form of Space); without Beginning, the Imparter of Beauty to the terrestrial and celestial worlds, the Excellent Hero with beautiful armlets, Birth, the Primary source of humanity, the Terrible, of terrible Prowess; the Station of support, Himself unsupported by any, Smiling like a flower, the Ever awake, the Upwardly progressive, the Conduct of the righteous path, Giver of Life, the Lauded, the Guarantee (of fruits of actions); the Authority, the Abode of Life, the Sustainer of Life, Life of Life, the Truth, the Knower of Truth, the sole Soul, He who is beyond birth, death and old age; the Tree that pervades the three worlds of earth, ether and heaven, He who reaches beyond them too, the Father and the Great-grandfather, the Sacrifice, the Lord of the sacrifice, the Sacrificing Priest, the Sacrificial accessories, and Borne by the Sacrifice; the Bearer of the Sacrifice, the Performer of the Sacrifice, the aim of all Sacrifice, the Enjoyer of Sacrifice, the means of Sacrifice, He who brings Sacrifice to an end, the esoteric Sacrifice of Knowledge; the Food and indeed the Consumer of all as food; Himself His source, Voluntarily manifested, Who penetrates (as indweller of all beings or as the Boar-incarnation to salvage the submerged earth), the Singer of Saman symphonies (in the plentitude of freedom), the son of Devaki, the Creator, the King, the Destroyer of sins; He who holds the Conch, the Sword, the Discus, the Bow and the Mace, the Discus-armed, the Unperturbed, He who can use anything as a weapon for striking.

Thus these Thousand from among the divine Names of the Great Kesava, fit to be sung have been fully told. He who listens to this or recites it daily shall encounter nothing untoward here or in the hereafter ... In the blessed who are devoted to the Supreme Lord, there will be no anger, no jealousy, no avarice, no evil thought.


Namaste - Reet